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watch the clothes希望对你有所帮助谢谢采纳

洗衣服 Wash clothes

洗 衣 服 wash the clothes拼音: [w] [] [klz]

wash the clothes wash简单释义英 [w]美 [w]v.(尤指用肥皂或洗涤剂)洗; 冲洗;(流水)冲掉,冲走;粉刷;涂刷,涂颜料于;〈非正式〉站得住脚;经得起检验n.洗,洗涤;(轮船或飞机驶过后留下的)尾流;涡流;航迹;尾流声;

Washing clothes 希望我的回答对您能有帮助!同时希望采纳为答案,祝您好运!

How to Wash Your Clothes Learning how to wash clothes is a very important skill. Failure to acquire this may not only turn out to be unhealthy, but also expensive, in the case

wash clothes

do the laundry、wash clothes.1、do the laundry 英 [du lndri] 美 [du lndri] 洗衣服,洗熨衣服,做洗衣服的活.例句:I have to make the bed and do the laundry.我得整理床铺和洗衣服.2、wash clothes 英 [w kl

我要洗衣服用英文怎么说英文:I want to wash my clothes.词语解释:want英 [wnt] 美 [w:nt] v. 想要;希望;打算;需要…在场n. 需要的东西;缺少;贫穷例句:I want to say how really delighted I am that you're having a baby 我想说你怀孕了我

Washing clothes

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