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Children's Daythe Children's Day this year is the most unforgettable one for me beacause i'll soon graduate.Even though it doesn't come yet,i believe it must be the most unforgettable.I will no lonege

Every day looking forward to the "61" Children has finally come.Morning, 5:30 on 天天盼望的“六一”儿童节终于来到了.早上,我五点半就起了床.我先用妈妈的洗面

Children's dayChildren's day is coming. I decided to do many things on that day.First of all. That day we will get up early, came to the school, because we now is a junior high school student, so the


Children's Day On June 1st day, all children are very happy. On that day ,we don't go to school.Most of the children will go to the park. In the park, some children are flying kites, some are playing football, and some are playing a game.In the sky,

Today is Children's Day.My father takes me to the zoo.There are many kinds of animals,the tigers, the pandas,the lions, the elephants,the giraffes and the bears. They are different from each other ,some are shy, some are beautiful, some are

in china, children's day is celebrated on june 1 and is formally known as “the june 1 international children's day”. schools usually hold activities such as camping trips or free movies on children's day to allow students to have fun, and children

On Children's Day,I get up very early,在儿童节这天我很早就起床了.I put on my new clothes.我穿上我的新衣服.At 8 o'clock,I go to school.在8 点钟时,我去上学.I have a party for our children at school.我参加在我校为我们儿童们举办的派对.I sing 5 songs.我唱了5 支歌.I dance with my friends.我和朋友一起跳舞.I'm very happy.我非常快乐.

It was a sunny day, my elementary school's first "children's Day", I very excited, because turn our chorus competition, afternoon and garden activities. We all went to school early in the class, everyone in the discussion today "all sorts of gossip"

Today is Children 'sDay.I am very happy.Father mather and I go to the park.The weather is windy .I like fly a kite. But my father and mather like read books. On the noon. We are go to the restaurant. We are very happy! I like Children 'sDay!

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