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TV at home I watch rather than go out

1.I wantch TV at home at weekend.2.I go to school from Monday to Friday.3.I do my homework in Friday morning.4.I raise flog in Monday morning.

I stayed at home to watch TV last Sunday.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

这个周末大部分时间我待在家看电视 I spent most of the weekend at home watching TV.这个周末大部分时间我待在家看电视 I spent most of the weekend at home watching TV.

I stayed at home on Saturday, studing English and watching TV.

英语翻译:1.周末他经常在家看电视.He often ______ TV at home ______.2.吉姆认为他不喜欢数学.Jim _____ he ______math.3.你喜欢哪种书?故事书._______ do you like?I like story-books.1. watches; on/at the weekends2. doesn't think; likes3. What kind of books

答案是: I watch TV at home

I stayed at home on the weekend,I slept at home on Saturday morning,I watch TV at home in the afternoon,in the evening ,I usually went home by 8 after playing,I went to bed at 11,I did my homework on sunday,I had a nap in the afternoon and then I went school.

My brother always stay at home and watch TV at the weekend.我弟弟周末总是呆在家里看电视.

她周末做什么 What does she usually do at weekends?他有时在家看电视 Sometimes he stay at home watch TV.

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