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看你在什么情况下以及对什么人说了, 1. let's fuck it. 2. let's finish the task together.

Together to do the task

1、此意包括两层意思,可以拆分开分别根据需要进行不同的翻译我已经完成了自己任务 I have done my assignment.(做完分配任务) I have fulfilledthe role.(履行完角色

we learn english by using english~~~

我妈妈很忙.她总是有很多家务要做my mum is always busy doing lots of housework.

taskn.[c]1. 任务;工作;作业The task has been fulfilled.任务已完成了.2. 困难的工作;苦差事She had the difficult task of pulling out all the weeds.她的苦差事是拔除所有的杂草.vt.1. 派给(特别)任务;要做一项(特别)工作[O2]2. 使辛劳;

The teacher let us use English to do the task.

我在做培根煎肉的任务I'm doing the task of bacon and meat我在做培根煎肉的任务I'm doing the task of bacon and meat

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do/finish one's homework ons's表示做作业者的所有格,例如do my homework.finish含义为“完成”,略有差别.准确点说的话homework是家庭作业.表达“作业”“工作”“任务”含义的话,也可以用do/finish assignments.==== [原创回答团] | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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