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希望你在我身边,英文是:Wish you were by my side.句子解释:wish 英[w] 美[w] v. 希望; 祝愿; 想要; n. 希望; 愿望; 祝福; 希望的事; [例句]She was sincere and genuine in her wish to make amends for the past 她真诚地希望弥

我也希望陪在你身边英语:I want you always with me.英语:I hope you always accompany me in my side

I hope you are beside me.

i hope you can stand by me forever.

hope you can always be with me 如果能帮到你,请好评一个,谢谢

Wish you were here by my side

I hope you by my side for longer 康高强在线回答,希望您能采纳.

我希望你能一直学习下去i hope you can keep learning

我希望你在我身边永远不分离I hope that you will never be apart我希望你在我身边永远不分离I hope that you will never be apart

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