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Usually I enjoying watching TV at home.

I like seeing films so much,and you?I Iike watching TV.

Do you like watching TV?希望我的回答能够帮到你,望采纳!祝你学习进步,天天快乐.O(∩_∩)O

over night整晚看电视?

一、翻译:我最爱的的电视节目 My favorite TV show 二、作文:我最喜欢的电视节目,要数中央3台星期日6点30分播出的“联合对抗”啦.在“联合对抗”里,我能学到许多知识.例如上一次,里面有一个“幼儿流鼻血时是仰头还是低头好”

I have a television made of China. It is a large color television. Its image and sound is very clear. It can help me to learn English. I have had it for fourteen years.

My Favorite TV Show My favorite TV show is Animal World. I can watch the show every Sunday evening. The show tells us something about the animals' life. We can learn a lot about animals from it. In some zoos, there are also many kinds of

I like watching TV.I like to watch TV.

i enjoy watching tv because i can often many things from it, it gives me a lot of knowledge, and i can always know what's new and what's going on all around me.我喜欢看电视因为可以增长知识,了解国内外新闻.

Nowadays more and more families start to own television,and people tend to spend more and more time in front of a television.As televisions bring information and entertainment to our lives,it harms us at the same time.Firstly,just like celephones

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