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我认为健康是最重要的: I believe the most important thnig is health.

In my point of view, being healthy is important.或者I believe health is extremely crucial.

How to Stay Healthy(如何保持健康)1.健康很重要;2.如何保持健康?(可从适当的营养、充足的睡眠、经常的锻炼方向考虑.) [写作导航]第一段写虽然人们越来越重视健康,认为健康是最重要的财富,但对如何保持健康却不一定清楚,引出

我认为它是健康的.翻译:i think that it 's healthy.

Good health is very important to everyone.If you don't have good health,you will lose many chances of fulfilling your dream.If you are sick,you couldn't do the job.The boss will

I think health is more important伟大的楼主,如果我的回答对您有帮助,请务必点“采纳"哦!感谢合作!O(∩_∩)O~

Many people have realized the importance of health. As the clothes against the cold, with one of the health is also a necessary condition of human existence, while it is often overlooked. I keep the secret of health: adequate sleep, early hours, a

it is important for us to stay healthy.

lt is important to have a healthy lifestyle health is more important than wealth.everyone wants to keep is necessary for us to have a healthy lifestyle.i think i am pretty healthy.i always go to school on foot. i think walking is good exercise.i

Good health is very important for us. If we don't have good health, how can we work hard? And if we cannot work hard, how can we succeed and how can we be happy? A number of useful rules can do much to make good health, if we follow them. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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