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I try my best to be better, will I have more confidence next time when I see you.

努力这个单词,在根据梵文的语法逻辑应该是努力的(去做),应该由做(动词)和努力(形名词)组成。 努力的 उद्यमं 读音 udyamam (去)做 कृ 读音 Kr 连起来就是 उद्य&...

楼主其实是想说:为了我的梦想,我要努力,我要奋斗。是不? 想象电影里主角的坚定语气,说出来便是: I'll try my best and I’ll just fight, for my dream!

Not everyone is born intelligent. It takes hard working as well. The most important is that they need to be confident about themselves.

翻译成英文是:One needs to have made many efforts behind his brilliance. 相关单词: brilliance 英 ['brɪlɪəns] 美 [ˈbrɪljəns] n. 光辉,辉煌;才华;宏伟;明亮;亮度 双语例句: We are willing to work ...

我相信如果他不努力就不能按时完成这项工作 I am sure that he can't finish the job in time if he doesn't work hard.

I think he is the best,for he works hardest.

He is hard-working, earnest, kind-hearted and generous in giving help. 希望能帮到你

Through many years' hard working, Martin finally realized his dream.

응원해 줘. 그러다면 노력해 볼게.

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