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楼主您好 我的叔叔翻译为:My uncle 例 这是我的叔叔 This is my uncle.

叔叔英文单词uncle, 我的,英文单词my 我的叔叔译文:my uncle

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叔叔的英文:uncle 英 [kl] 美 [kl] n.叔叔;伯父;舅父;姑父,姨父1、The letter mentioned my great-aunt and uncle only incidentally. 信中仅附带提到了我的姑奶奶和叔叔.2、Tim, may I introduce you to my uncle's secretary, Mary

叔叔 [shū shu] (informal) father's younger brother uncle 相关解释: nuncle uncle oom 例句: 我去我叔叔家. I am going to my uncle's. 那些喜欢和他一起踢足球的小男孩都把他当作叔叔. He is uncle to all the little boys who like to play football with

The tallest man is my uncle那个最高的人是我的叔叔


这是我的叔叔和婶婶.英语是:These are my uncles and aunts. 句子解释:these 英[i:z] 美[iz] adj. 这些的; pron. 这些; [例句]Switch to an interest-paying current account and stay in credit. Most banks and larger building societies now offer

叔叔的英文为uncle,读音为:英[kl] 美[kl].n. 叔叔、伯父、舅父、姑父、姨父.例句:1. My uncle was the mayor of Memphis 我叔叔是孟菲斯市市长.2. A telegram from Uncle Fred arrived 弗雷德叔叔发的一封电报来了.3. Uncle

英文原文:The man on the seat is my uncle.英式音标:[ ] [m n] [ n] [ ] [si t] [ z] [ma ] [ k( )l] 美式音标:[ ] [m n] [n] [ ] [sit] [ z] [ma ] [ kl] | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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