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my life is distinctive because of struggle .

My life has been wonderful because of you.

my life full of joy because you. 因为你我的人生充满欢乐,

wonderful life.或be yourself, enjoy your colorful life.

我的生命,因为有你们而更加精彩Because of the exist of all of you guys,my life becomes so/more colourful/delightful.

您好,翻译为 Life is wonderful because of you 希望帮助你

我的生活因你而精彩 翻译是: My life become colorful because of you. 我的工作的翻译是:my work (job)

Because of you, lives of the 18-years-old are more meaningful and wonderful.

Life is more excellent to have you生活因有你而更加精彩

Because of your life more wonderful

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