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我不懂英语 英文:I don't know English.懂 动词:(知道; 了解) understand; know I know no English, much less French. 我不懂英语, 法语就更不懂了.My friend doesn't understand English, so I act as interpreter. 朋友不懂英语, 我充当翻译.

I do not understand English

抱歉我不懂英语sorry,i don't know english.

我不懂英文【I can't speak English】或是【I can not English】

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你好!我不懂英语. How do you do! I don't understand English.

我不懂英语 I don't understand English

i don't understand english.我不懂英文.希望帮到你 望采纳 谢谢 加油

Sorry , l don't know English !

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