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为什么现在进行时的被动是Am is ArE BEing DonE

为您解答 这个可以分步来看 一,单纯被动语态就是be done The boy is beaten by his dad. 二,done已经变化完全了,再加时态变化,就要变be动词了, be动词的正在进行时是be being 比如 She is being annoying. 三,把进行时和被动合起来就成了 ...

很容易理解呀 现在进行时态的结构是 be(am,is,are)+doing 被动语态的结构是 be+动词的过去分词(done) 所以现在进行时的被动语态是 be (am,is,are) being done

【典型例句】 1. We’re being killed for the wool beneath our stomachs. 2. So many things are being done here to save local wildlife. 3. What is being done for the milu deer? 4. New nature parks are not being started in China. 5....

你说的这些句型基本都是各时态的被动语态。现在进行时被动语态(am/ is/ are being +done)与过去进行时被动语态(was/ were being +done) The machine was being repaired at this time yesterday. 昨天这时,机器正在被修理。 The problem is b...

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