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为什么不呢 用英语怎么说

why not do sth why don't you do sth 您的支持就是我继续帮助别人的动力 愿您与我一起传播 爱心 之种 望采纳↖(^ω^)↗

为什么不呢 用英语是Why not? 解释: why not 英[hwai nɔt] 美[hwaɪ nɑt] [词典] 何妨;何不; 为什么不 [例句]I shrugged, as if to say, 'Why not?' 我耸了耸肩,仿佛在说,“为什么不?” Why not go out and see if there's some pl...

不见了 disappear或be lost或be gone或be missing :例句: My book's disappeared. 我的书不见了。 It is said that his child is lost. 据说他的孩子不见了。 希望对你有帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你考上理想的学校 O(∩_∩)O

参考答案:why do you ignore me? why do you brush me off? 例句: 我向她打招呼,可她根本不理我! I said hello to her,but she ignored me completely!

不应该那么说,两种说法都不对,应该说Why don't you say?或者Why not say? 一般这样说比较生硬,聊天时可用Why not go on?

The chat can't be any further on. The chat can't go ahead / go on / continue any further / any more/ any longer.

Why can't I be the one who is gonna win sooner or later.

Why not?

我也不知道为什么 翻译成英文是:I don't know why. 例句及用法: 1、Whenever I speak Chinese, my colleagues laugh at me, and I don't know why. 我每次说汉语的时候,同事都会笑,我也不知道为什么? 2、I don't know why I let it all bot...

迟迟_百度翻译 迟迟 [词典] tardy; slow; [例句]他为什么迟迟不来? Why is he taking so long to come? 双语例句 汉英大词典 中中释义 slow_百度翻译 slow 英[sləʊ] 美[sloʊ] adj. 慢的; 迟钝的; 温和的; 慢于…的; adv. 慢慢地;...

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