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watch tv at home

My mother watches TV at home every evening.My mother wathes TV at home each evening.

I'm going to watch Tv at home this evening.

你晚上经常在家看电视吗?Do you often watch TV at home at night?望采纳!谢谢!

In the evening I with my father and mother watch TV at home

第一句 第二句是强调我正在家看电视这个状态,而第一句就是陈述昨晚发生的一件事情而已.

在以前,我经常晚上看电视in the past i often watched tv at night

For the quarrel between you and your mother, I understand why you chose to play football with your friends instead of helping your mother: you had a stressful day at school and wanted to relax a bit. That is natural. However, your mother had been

I usually watch TV in the evening.

我总是在晚饭后和父母一起在家看电视 I always watch TV with my parents at home after dinner.

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