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play computer game

你好、可以这么翻译: "playing computer games"希望我的回答对你有帮助喔、望采纳哩、谢谢你、祝福你永远永远幸福哈

play games on the computer Download music from the computer write my homework on computer chat with friends on the computer collect information on the computer ask friends problems on the computer

1.Many children are playing the computer games.2.Many children play the computer games.

Playing computer game is the most interesting activity.

All children like playing computer games.或者All chilren are fond of the computer games.

你好,可翻译为:My hobby is playing computer games.满意请速采纳,多谢合作!

他自学玩电脑游戏 He taught himself to play computer games.他自学玩电脑游戏 He taught himself to play computer games.

手机上怎么玩电脑游戏_有道翻译翻译结果:How to play computer games on your mobile phone

He is playing computer games.2楼不对

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