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on TV

TelevisionTelevision is playing a very important part in our lives. But like other things, it has both advantages and disadvantages.In the first place, television is not only a convenient, but a cheap source of entertainment. For a family of four, for

通过电视看-->> see through the television (t.v)满意请采纳,谢谢你~~

hello,everyone,my name is~~~.I like watch TV.There are many TV shows every day.My favorite TVshow is Animal World (其他的也行).I often watch it before go to bed.My favorite subject is P.E atschool.I like playing basketball very much,so,I love

Write your movie review using the notes in 3b.The Lion King is a cartoon movie. It's the most popular English movie in the world. The movie is about a young lion, Simba. He was the prince of the forest. But his uncle Scar wanted to be the king. So

【英文】 As we all know,a coin has two sides,in my opinion,watching television brought us will be pleased to see the program, let us see growth, broaden our horizons and enrich our cultural life, modern society is an important media. But because

Television, as a popular means of mass media, appeals to people for various reasons. First, it allows us to see as well to hear what is happening in the world. Thus, most distant events are brought right into our homes. Second, it is very convenient.

Television has become one of the most important parts of our life. Some programs on TV are very important and useful. We learn much knowledge on TV. For example, the news tells us what happened all ov

I like the program"Animal World" .First of all, I like animals, especially small animals.Secondly, the host is able to make the program lively and interesting.Thirdly, through this program I know a lot of things that I haven't known before. I gain some

the Advantages and Disadvantages of TV We have to admit that TV has brought great 繁重的学习和工作后,我们还可以通过看电视来放松自己.然而,事物都是一分为二

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