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please wait a moment,she is doing some washing please wait a moment,she is washing some clothes

她正在洗衣服:陈述句.改为特殊疑问句:What is she doing?她在干什么?

It's three in the afternoon. She is washing clothes.现在是下午三点,她正在洗衣服

昨天的这个时间,她正在洗衣服.翻译为:She was washing her clothes at the time yesterday.

do the laundry、wash clothes.1、do the laundry 英 [du lndri] 美 [du lndri] 洗衣服,洗熨衣服,做洗衣服的活.例句:I have to make the bed and do the laundry.我得整理床铺和洗衣服.2、wash clothes 英 [w kl

她一般在周六洗衣服She usually washes clothes on Saturday.

She was washing clothes ten minutes ago.她十分钟前正在洗衣服

washing clothes 如: i am washing my clothes.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼,快乐每一天!(*^__^*)

1.What is Su Yang doing? She is washing clothes.2.What are you doing? I'm doing my homework.3.What is he doing? He is running.4.It's Saturday afternoon now.5.My parents are doing housework at home.6.C

她在星期天洗她的衣服She washed her clothes on Sunday.她在星期天洗她的衣服She washed her clothes on Sunday.

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