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英语翻译:1.周末他经常在家看电视.He often ______ TV at home ______.2.吉姆认为他不喜欢数学.Jim _____ he ______math.3.你喜欢哪种书?故事书._______ do you like?I like story-books.1. watches; on/at the weekends2. doesn't think; likes3. What kind of books

In home, he often watch TV in 8 o'clok

watch tv at home

Sometimes she stays at home and watches TV希望对你有所帮助,有不明白的再问吧

她经常看电视吗 she often watch tv

她周末做什么 What does she usually do at weekends?他有时在家看电视 Sometimes he stay at home watch TV.

你好,可说为:He often watches TV at home on Sunday evening.满意请速采纳,多谢合作!

he always watches TV at home to kill the night time.

I often watch TV at home.

Kate often watches TV at home~!凯特经常在家看电视~!亲,如果满意请采纳哦~!

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