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他正在干什么的英文:What is he doing?doing 读法 英 ['du] 美 ['du] 1、v. 做;干(do的ing形式)2、n. 活动;所作所为 短语:1、doing well 经营盈利2、doing business 做生意;经营商业3、worth doing 值得做;物有所值4、by doing

他正在干什么? What is he doing now? 他正在踢足球. He is playing football now. 他正在打篮球吗? Is he playing basketbal now? 他们将要去哪? Where are they going? 他们将要去下棋吗? Are they going to play chess? 你周末干什么? What willl you do on the weekends? 她周末写作业吗? Is she going to do her homework on the weekends?记得采纳啊

What is he doing? 他在干什么? He is studying. 他在学习 He is doing homework. 他在做作业.

他正在干什么what is he doing ?例句:1.他正在干什么?他正在看电视.what is he doing ? he is watching tv.2.嗯,我不知道?他正在干什么?eh?i don't know?what's he doing right now?3.他正在干什么?他正在看电视.what is he doing ?he is wa旦长测短爻的诧痊超花tching tv.4.你能想像他现在正在干什么吗?can you imagine what he is doing now?5.看这个男人.他正在干什么?look at this man . what is he doing ?

What's he doing now? 祝楼主更上一层楼

what is she doing? what开头的句子一般用于提问什么,主语是she,谓语动词用单数,be动词后跟动词ing He is catching butterflies. be动词后一般跟动词ing

他正在做什么用英语翻译是:What he is doing或者是What is he doing

现在进行时what are they doing?过去进行时what were they doing?

他正在干什么?翻译:what is he doing?或what is he up to?他正在开车翻译:He is driving (a car).回答有点迟希望没耽误你.

您好,应该是“What are they doing?”.谢谢采纳.

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