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他们正在吃 They are eating eat 英[i:t] 美[i:t] vt. 吃,喝; vi. (食物) 吃起来感到; 咬; (人)感到苦恼(或烦恼) ; 侵蚀,腐蚀; vt. (如酸) 腐蚀; 吃完; 吃得使; 侵蚀成;

吃饭_百度翻译 吃饭 [动] eat; have a meal; [例句]我想吃饭.I feel like a meal.

have meals 吃饭 have breakfast/lunch/supper 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭

我有东西给他吃 I have something for him to eat.

吃晚饭的英语 have supper 附:吃早餐:have breakfast 吃午饭:have lunch

Eating something注:eating 英 [i:t] 美 [it] n. 吃; 食物; 食用的; 可生食的; v. 吃,喝,吃饭( eat的现在分词 ); (食物) 吃起来感到; 咬; (人)感到苦恼(或烦恼) ; [例句]We are eating more and exercising less.我们吃得多了,锻炼却少了.[其他] 原型: eat

---- eat something---- eating somthing

吃饭 chī fàn (进餐) eat; have (eat、take) a meal:请客吃饭 invite sb. to dinner 我想吃饭. I feel like a meal.(指生活或生存) keep alive; make a living:靠工资吃饭 live on one's wages 不要靠老资格吃饭! Don't live on your seniority!我看我们就是要靠精耕细作吃饭. In my opinion, we must depend on intensive cultivation to feed ourselves.

What are they doing? They're having dinner.再看看别人怎么说的.

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