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He went shopping 字面意思就是这样

tourists often go to tokyo shopping.望采纳,谢谢

Could you go shopping?

她喜欢购物. She likes shopping. 1. 我通常星期天购物. I usually go shopping on Sundays. 2. 我出去疯狂地购物. I went out on a shopping spree.

去购物用英语说;go shopping!

他经常和他妈妈去购物He often goes to shopping with his mother.

go shopping 希望对你有所帮助

- He used to shop in that supermarket.- He always go shopping in that supermarket.

gotoshopping 我前天去购物了iwentshoppingthedaybeforeyesterday.

她一有时间就去购物She goes shopping once she has time.她一有时间就去购物She goes shopping once she has time.

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