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they are swimming in the swimming pool.

They swim in他们在游泳

Are they swimming in the river now?自己翻的.

He was swimming;He is swimming. 他正在游泳. He is swimming now.英文./中文:他在游泳

We are swimming.正在所示是现在进行时 be动词+动词ing we 我们 swimming 游泳 ing形式

am/is/are swiming 现在进行时-----现在正在游泳 或者was/were swiming 过去进行时-----过去正在游泳

您好,翻译器We are swimming 希望帮祝你

It's six in the afternoon. He is swimming in the pool. 现在是下午六点,他正在游泳池里游泳

他正在游泳,她也是用英语应该这样说:He is swimming,so is she.同意请采纳,谢谢!

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