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They are watching TV.

Are they watching television now?

they are all watching TV now 他们现在都在看电视

您好!翻译为:They are watching TV.望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

They are watching TV at home.意思:他们在家看电视!请采纳支持下

In the afternoon children always play in the park,but they are watching TV this afternoon.▲很高兴为您回答!★如果您满意请采纳◆如果您有什么不懂的请追问

动词加ing,即 discussing,望楼主采纳.

When they saw that I was watching TV instead of doing homework, they were very angry.望采纳,谢谢

你好!我想在客厅里看电视i want to watch tv in the sitting room

He is watching TV when we see he

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