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She plans to watch TV this weekend.

so let's go and watch tv.

She would like to watch TV.此处用到would like to do sth.

He can't wait to watch TV.Can't Wait 迫不及待

He would like to watch TV.would like/love to do, 想去做某事

你好!ili and Jack aren'. They't going to wash the cloths;re going to watch TV如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

'm going to see cartoons. She's going to go shopping. She'. She's going to eat something. She's going to sleep;s going to watch TV

我打算明天去上学 i'm going to school tomorrow.用现在进行时代替【计划中不改变的一般将来时】

现在是寒假,为什么要写暑假计划,如果弄错了,要写寒假计划,就把summer改成winter即可.Dear Davied, In your last letter you asked me to tell you my plan for summer holiday. Here are what I am going to do during my summer holiday. First of

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