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Post a letter

信用:credit 信用卡:credit card

1.(信任) trustworthiness; credit: 讲信用 keep one's word; 失去信用 lose one's credit; 守信用 keep a promise; 依靠 的信用 on the faith of; 他的信用好. his credit is good.2.[经] credit◇信用报告 credit report; 信用额度 line of credit;

如果是"给某人一封信"的话说 a letter to sb 就可以 但如果是"给某人的一封信" 则用 a letter for sb 更加合适. 语言习惯问题,不多解释

短语信用卡 Credit Card ; MasterCard ; visa ; bank cards信用社 credit cooperatives ; [金融] credit union ; credit association ; Credit bureaux商业信用 [贸易] Commercial Credit ; Trade credit ; [贸易] Business Credit ; [贸易]mercantile credit信用(Credit)是二元主体或多元主体之间,以某种经济生活需要为目的, 建立在诚实守信基础上的心理承诺与约期实践相结合的意志和能力.

和平的象征体长295~360毫米;头、颈、胸和上背为石板灰色,分布于欧洲、非洲北部和中亚地区. It used to send the letters.

你好!请快给我回信Please write back to me soon

take a message给人捎口信 leave a message留口信

信 = letter,短信 = message (消息)

口语化一点 加上表情.自己画 Dear teacher , I am writing to you to express my thanks for your help in learning English and speaking English. During these days in your class, I have learned much from you and it is very helpful to me. Firstly, you let me

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