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First and foremost 首先 In the first place. 首先;第一 Above all

--- first---- At first---- first of all.

首先 [shǒu xiān]基本翻译first网络释义首先:inthefirstplace | first of all | first



首先 the first place 2.firstrelative explainations:3.beginwith 4.for one thing(for another) 5.first of all begin with 7.imprimis the first instance 9.firstly 10.of all things 11.above all start with 13.primarily 14.threshold a first brush

首先 : first of all例如 : for example

首先 [shǒu xiān ] (最先) first; in the first place; first of all; above all; firstly ;

首先first其次 again 再次next

首先:initially,first of all,其次:what's more,next in importance,最后:finally,last but not least.英文连接词是连接英文单词的词,如also,and等.英语有486,000个左右的单词,而连接词却只有70个左右,它们总是非常高频率的出现在各类文章、

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