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adapt to

have an habit of doing sth有什么样的习惯 get rid of the habit of doing sth克服掉某种习惯 develop a habit of doing sth形成什么样的习惯 form a habit of doing sth 形成什么样的习惯 cultivate a habit of doing sth形成什么样的习惯

1.适应抄: be accustomed to , be adapted to ,be used to ,be habituated to ;2.满足袭.的需求zd :meet the demand for ,cater to the demand, fulfill one's demand, satisfy the needs of ;

1.适应1 adaptation2.满足.的需求2 meet the needs

习惯于.be accustomed to get used to doing be used to doing 适应于 adapt to

suit 是及物动词哦 sth suit well adapt to be fit for be adequate for fix in with 1、单词用appropriate 或者 suitable;是合适,合理的意思 例如 It is not appropriate to eat fruit after dinner.2、词组用be fit for,是适用的意思 This way can not be fit for everyone

适应的英文是suit. 英 [sut],美 [sut] n. 套装;诉讼;请求 v. 适合;方便;满足 过去式:suited,过去分词:suited,现在分词:suiting 短语: 1、suit quite 非常适合 2、suit well 完全适合 3、suit admirably 极好地相配 4、suit beautifully 极

adapt to;be fit for;suit~~~~

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