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in fact; in reality; as a matter of fact; actually: 事实上的承认 de facto recognition; 事实上的错误 factual mistake; 事实上的法人团体 corporation de facto; 事实上的默示合同 implied contract in fact; 事实上的所有人 practical owner

In fact.

in fact as a matter of fact to be honest to tell you the truth actually honestly in actual fact practically virtually as the case stands so far as that is concerned as they are as it was as it is in point of fact for sooth factually in reality of a truth ex facto soothly facto defacto

常用的三种英文表达方式:1、around the world!2、all over the world!3、across the world!重点词汇解析:1、around 大约;周围;四周;围绕;环绕 发音:英 [rand] 美 [rand] around用作副词和介词,在英国英语中,常用round来

in fact,(文书、口头中的句首表达引出下文,或者the fact that) the truth is (句式中表达强调,或者 xxxxxxxxxx is the truth 意指xxx是真相) to be honest (口语上诚恳讲的讲法,某些场景下可意译为事实上) Actually , (亦用于句首引出下文,意指准确来说.同上,某些场景下可意译为事实上)

你好!in fact希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.


in fact放在句首如:In fact,……

事实上英语…Actually ,这个就可以了…

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