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Yesterday, my friends and I went to see a movie. After the movie, we went to have dinner but then I found that my coat was missing. I couldn't find it anywhere. One of my friends reminded me that I might have left it in the cinema. I went back to the

Lost I lost my schoolbag on the playground on the afternoon of the 8th this month. Inside the schoolbag there are my bicycle keys, books and a dictionary. Whoever happened to pick up the schoolbag, please kindly contact me at the following address: Class 4202. Thank you very much for your attention! June 9th, 2011

This afternoon, I found a handbag in the playground. There is a pen, a notebook and keys in it. Besides, there is a wallet with credit cards and some money in it. My telephone number is 4756333. Please the owner contact me.

In the lost and found office department store Han Lei could you do me a favor?Lost property clerk: ok. Any problems?Han Lei: I want to know if someone loses a yellow bag.Manager: I'm afraid. You pick up a yellow bag?896-3722 Han Lei yes, I think

Lost and found I find a red pencil case on the playground,there is apen and other things in it.If this is yours,please call me at 86237938

失物招领 lost and found When I came to school this morning, I found an Oxford Dictionary, which is the sixth printing on the ground of school gate. I was afraid it would be demaged if nobody piched it up. And I stood there for a while seeing no one

我结合自己的教学实践,就语文阅读理解的答题技巧谈一些教学体会和浅见,且将阅读理解解题思路基本步骤大致可以总结为:1、速读原文材料;2、看清题目要求;3、细找文中原话;4、认真回答问题.(一) 速读原文材料

Anyone who lost it can find me in classroom B101 or simply call me.It has a yellow face with blue frameLost & Found I have found a watch in the grass near the teaching building this afternoon.The band is black,the hands are silver white.My telephone number

失物招领:Lost:I lost my pen.It is black. I lost it in the school on January 1st. If you find it, please call me at 344-2988.My name is Mary. Thank you.寻物启事 Found:I found a pencil box. I found it on February 1st. I found it on the school libruary . Is it

Dear Madam,I'm Li Hua. I took the flight CK789 on June 13, 2011. But when I came to my home, I found I lost a suicase. I am writing to you to request you to help me find it back.My suitcase is a small blue one with a zip. There is a lable on the | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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