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Life is too stressful. Smoking can release stress. Smoking is helpful with our mental thinking and conduct good working ways; Some people thinks that smoking is bad for health and it will causes diseases easily, smoking needs money and its a kind of waste.

In this current society, everyone are required to work in a fast pace. The society is surrounded by different type of presure. Thus I will list out a few major stressor that most people will share in common. The society is getting more and more

pressures in life is heavy in the real life

life isgiving people an increasing pressure.再看看别人怎么说的.

The study stress of students. Nowadays Chinese students, who are facing firece competance, are under great stress. First, they always have endless homework to do. it is quite common to see a primary student work til 12 o'clock to finish the work.

我们要学两个常用语:hang in there和stressed out.LL: Li Hua, you look exhausted. Is everything OK?LH: 哎哟,Larry,我得在星期五以前赶出两篇论文,星期五还有一门课要大考,你说我能不累吗?I AM exhausted!LL: Hang in there, Li Hua!

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The pressure of the fast paced modern life.

stress is a state of being upset that happens when we are under pressure. both our feelings and our bodies get upset. we can even get emotionally and physically sick if we have too much stress for too long. stress can come at us from every direction

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