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“上市”这个动作可以表达为:be listed,那么“我们公司决定下个月在纳斯达克上市”就可以说成: "Our company are ready to be listed on NASDAQ next month." 相关句子: 1、Lao Ensi then will be listed after theluxury car market, a dark ho...

...私人公司始可根据本款而属例外,即公司并非某个有上市公司为成员的公司集团的成员;而就本款而言,“上市公司”(listed company) 指一间公司而其股份是在认可证券市场上市的。2. traded company,trading enterpriseinventory 存货traded compan...

to go public 或 stock be listed on 例句精选 Initial public offering 股票首次公开上市 Shares listed on Helsinki, Stockholm and New York stock 股票分别在赫尔辛基,斯德哥尔摩和纽约上市 It is a listed company on both the stock exch...

上市公司listed company或public company都可以,但是listed company更常用。 句子翻译:To our listed companies as well as mediate and small enerprises ,We discussed some apparent financial issues existing in the process of realizin...

New Arrival [网络释义] 新品上市NEW 秋季新品上市Autumn new products listing 每月新品上市New Arrivals

你好! 公司上市 company listing

股票上市公司 [金融] listed company;public company更多释义>> [网络短语] 股票上市公司 public limited company;listed company;company 渣打股票上市公司 Stas well asard Chartered PLC 非股票上市公司 unlisted company

你好! 上市 come into the market

The new third board,估计老外还是看不懂啥意思,可以后面加个括号注明一下,比如an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises

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