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全新版听说教程 4 答案 Unit 1 Part B Exercise 1 1.A radio or TV program. 2.Birthday celebrations around the world. 3.They run a weekly column in the Toronto Daily Star. 4.Because

285 - 留赞取用!赞少断更!第一单元Welearn答案该资料由本人收集制作,供学生参考学习使用希望这些对你们有所帮助喜欢的话点个赞吧~~比心~--------------看完两件事:点赞!都看完了你还不点赞,嗯哼o(v)o?关注我!可以收到我的更多推送哦~

全新版大学英语(第二版)听说教程 4 听力答案 Key to the Listening Exercises Unit 1 One World Part B: Exercise 1: 1. A radio or TV program 2. birthday celebrations around the

It sounds pretty great. er person talking about famous buildings in his country and fill in the blanks with information you hear. My country has two very famous buildings called the

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新视野大学英语听说教程4(第二版)完整答案 Unit 1 Warming Up : F T NG Listening Understanding Short Conversations :1~5 A C B B D 6~10 B A C C D Understanding a Long


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