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求英语达人帮忙翻译几个 转学申请的 句子(高分跪求准确)

I was a mainland candidate for the college entrance examinations. I failed to get the admission to the Hong Kong University, which is the long-cherished dream for me, due to some errors made in the said exams, though I had always been among the

1. Composer Steve and swimming teacher Caroline was going to have the wedding, but a woman broke into to destroy.2. In order to recover his fiancee, Steve went to the girls'school to apply for admission.3. Steve became the object of the school

1.With the increasing competition in incentives, many domestic companies have to invest large business to expand sales to foreign markets.2.In some countries, in the important smoking is prohibited in public places.3.Advertising majors should be

To find a suitable person to work towards the common objective-communism was no easy matter for me in the last year of high schoolIt is not easy to find a suitable person to fight to achieve the same objective in the last year of high school两种都行.

Set a ticket to Paris at10:00 next Monday I'm living in a hotel room 805Hope that the ticket will be sent to the residence after three days The telephone number is 123

1、Do you need help open tary table2、Careful hot.3、Do you need newspaper?4、Let me help you5、We have a Sprite, coke. Mango juice

Title: Study on the elements of national character represented by graphic worksContents: Now, the modern civilization is highly developed and the Industrial cities

1:我们这里有冰沙 果汁和意大利的冰激凌! We serve ice cream, juice and Italian ice cream. 2:请问先生您对我们产品的感觉怎么样? What do you think of our foods? 3:非常感谢您对我们的建议!请您用餐愉快. Thank you very much for our suggestions! Please enjoy yourself! 本人在酒店工作,也经常有和外国人交流,上面有很多回答都可以,但对于服务行业来说,最准确的来说是要具有礼貌性和专业性,这是我经常说的,希望对你有所帮助.

1. 毕竟还未成年的我们没有太强的自制力,难免会犯一些错误after all, we minors do not have very much of self-control, it is unavoiable for us to make some mistakes. however, this kind of strictness should be bearable.2,我们不希望整日生活在打


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