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记得把分给我呀!Oil and Gas Technology (Specialist) Chen Yu, a job resume Graduates ability and self-evaluation I am cheerful, stable, dynamic, treating others with enthusiasm and sincerity. The work of a conscientious and responsible, initiative

Name: Sex: Male Date of Birth: June 3, 1972 Education: High School Marital status: Married Document type: Document number: Where they are residing to: Shanghai Address: Victoria Road, Putuo District 90 get-ping Post Code: 200065 Contact:

Personal resume Job: Computer / Network Engineer1 basic personal information Name: Zhang San gender: male date of birth: 1985 01 months National: Han Nationality: Guangdong political affiliation: Members Education: college degree marital

Internship experience2008.7-2008.9 market research assistantAs the market research interns, fully understand the market research, the methods and steps of the market and to improve ability of observation2008.9-2008.10 marketing internAs a

Surname name XX XX male date of birthNationality of Liaoning province Han people through XX family good healthPolitical visage party body high 180cm married or unmarriedSpecial industry Environmental Engineering Science Engineering

Name: Sexual don't: Graduated from colleges: Date of birth: Study: People race: Specialty: human resource management Cadastre penetration: Telephone: Computer proficiency level using Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc office software Working

native place ( birthplace) health condition edicational background:studied in XX school,XX department major courses I am looking forward a suitable job. 格式由后到前.in xxroom of xxNO of xxstreet of xx road of sanlin town in fudong district of

希望对你有所帮助Work experience2004/05--2006/05 operators are CP clothing EditionIndustry: Internet / E-CommerceWork: major projects:Business dress vers

1`The collections of terminal data, gather, analyze, report/enter sell the maintenance/outlet for saving a dealer stocktaking stock and return an exterior guest feeling to relate to inside the benefit fee hike/company of maintenance, include and the

Foreign language language species and level: English level Four 418-tenths of spoken language, read a computer level: First order , multi-media make Shanghai city institution of higher learning computer grade examination , fine speciality of office

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