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That's a shame for you can see our parties first hand and get to know our clients in a happy occasion. Not to worry more to come in the future. Excited to have you on board.这是一个耻辱,你可以看到我们的当事人的第一手资料,了解我们的客户在一个喜庆的日子.不要担心更多的惊喜在未来.高兴有你在船上.

答案是:A.原文是The view that a happy man lives well and fares well fits in with our definition:for we have all but defined happiness as a kind of good life and well-being.

Dear teacher, For I am badly ill now, I would like to ask for a 2-month off. I promise that I'll try my best to learn English in the future.Sincerely,your name.

From now on, love me only. Spoil me, never cheat me, and realize every promise you give me. Every word you say to me should be true. You can never do mischief to me, neither scold me. If somebody bully me, you will get over to help me as soon as

Time for Miracles. It's late at night and I can't sleep 夜已深,我无法入睡Missing you just runs too deep 对你思念太深 Oh I can't breathe thinking of your smile 想起你的笑容,我几乎不能呼吸Every kiss I can't forget 每个亲吻我都无法忘记This

检查过了,这翻译是可以的. Princess Wen Cheng, a frail woman, for the country and the people, left superior living environment, marrying Tibetan, written in her beautiful wisdom legendary chapter in the nation. She is a national heroine go down in history, by the Han Chinese and Tibetans revere the people of all ages.

Low-Cost Gifts for Mother's Day(题目)成本低廉的母亲节礼物(不用花太多钱为 她吃药的时间.“打理好所有这些信息最终会拯救、延长你母亲的生命(或者翻译为这

1, Hong Kong university free rigorous academic atmosphere, good academic environment and has the international background of teachers to exchange students to learn communication, thereby achieve true motto of expression "mingde

For 25 years I've worked with thousands who want to be successful.I've helpd them make persuasive presentations,answer unfriendly questions,communicate more effectively.The secret has always been you

Friends, Family, Ladies and Gentlemen: good to see you all here tonight. I must say that we were absolutely delighted when we first gotten the respectable Mr.远s request. And it is a 俯袱碘惶鄢耗碉同冬括personal honour for me, to be hosting the

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