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求解释"为什么要说BACk to FuturE?"是什么用法吗?...



这款没有 这是不是耐克的air mag 只是模仿他的外观再生产的 给买不起mag的人一个纪念吧

love me ? My friends say I’m a fool to think That you’re the one for me I guess I’m just a sucker for love ‘Cuz honestly the truth is that You know I’m never leavin’ ‘Cuz you’re my angel sent from above Baby you can do no wrong...

都是那个款!!! 那时候发售时被美国人炒到1万多美元.

歌曲名:Back To The Future Overture 歌手:Alan Silvestri&Alan Silvestri & The Outatime Orchestra 专辑:Back To The Future (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) Backstreet Boys---Back To Your Heart Its not that I cant live wit...

㈠《Shawshank Redemption肖申克的救赎》 1.You know some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright. 你知道,有些鸟儿是注定不会被关在牢笼里的,它们的每一片羽毛都闪耀着自由的光辉。 2.There is something ins...




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