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求大神翻译一句话. 翻译成英语,不要从网上翻译的...

I guess alex killborn isn't your real name.If I'm wrong. Never mind.

近些年,随着经济的快速增长,中国的国际影响力提升了,世界上学汉字的人也多了起来。 Lately, as the economic growth increases, China has increase the influence toward the international and Chinese is being learn by more and more pe...

Law is a very practical discipline, practical course occupies a very important position in the education system of jurisprudence. It emphasizes theoretical knowledge for students practical activities to practice the theoretical...

People who are gentle and right are always hard to be alive,because the world is neither gentle nor right.

你好,很高兴为你解答 翻译为 with the progress of the times, science and the continuous development of people's daily life has brought a major impact. 希望能帮到你

If you don't did that it is not secert for make sense,then every time when I full of doubt,but you are never want manage to get my forgive.........纯手打加思考,还望采纳

For convenient,The cabinets on the top can make the higher people to use.

求上下文啊...应该是说她睡梦里喜欢独占整个床 所以是aggressive

翻译结果:In addition to death, nothing terrible 希望采纳

if we are tired, we have to come back the day we know each other

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