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We hereby engage with 表示对承诺或保证,drawers and/or bona fide holders 是承诺对象that drafts drawn and negotiated in conformity with the terms of this credit will be duly honoured on presentation和that drafts accepted within the terms of


ABC Company designs and manufactures a range of standard and customised synthetic diamond PCD cutters for use in oil and gas drill bits in hard-rock applications.ABC公司设计并制造一系列标准与定制的人造金刚石PCD刃具,用于石油与天

1、senator 是插入语,可以放最前面,后面就一整个句子不用逗号隔开了2、我认为is put不是被动语态,应该要在put前面加个to;3、宾语是anything that's classified here,that后引导的定语从句是anything的定语;4、参议员,我想要做的是把所有在这分好类的东西填入那张未分类的表格中.

The Guizhou day luck chemical industry limited liability company is develops the limited main corporation by the Guizhou red sky limited liability company and the Guizhou great luck industry to invest together the creation limited liability company, is

请参考附件报告的格式,下次请发送一样格式的报告给我们!Please refer to the attached report format,and send the same format of the report to us next time!Thank you for your cooperation.

1:应该是中国援助机构2:以德克萨斯州为基础发展的游说团体3:up to 是高达的意思.大概是:赵翔-前共产党员后改信基督教,端着茶微笑的说,他认为在中国,基督信徒已高达13000万之众.这是我的意见,仅供参考.

More than 14,000 square metres of office and workshop space are already up for use, while another 40,000 square metres of modernized workshop and Research & Development unit

To have friends come from afar.

Juvenile crime trends were increasing year after year, attracted wide attention from all sectors of society, but also touches the hearts of hundreds of millions of parents. Concerned about juvenile crime, first of all, should recognize the characteristics of

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