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请帮忙翻译下面短话为英文,在线等,谢谢!We will do our best to ship the goods on the stated time. However,this order has been postponed for many

请帮忙翻译一句话为英文,在线等,谢谢!因为部分产品在运输途中损坏,但是我已经安排工厂重新多制作两套了,预计我在25日能收到,将及时寄给您。 Because some

请帮我把下面四个短句翻译成英文,在线等!1. I'm deeply sorry that I have to bother you at such a moment because of the report form. I understand

请各位帮忙将下面的这段话翻译成英文~谢谢啦!在线等!Team spirit has very important significance and function in building up university librarian teams.

帮忙把下面的话翻译成英文,急要,在线等,谢谢啦大学是University is a key stage in life, this is because, this is the life of many "

高手帮忙把下面的话翻译成英文.谢谢,在线等1、有些事1,some things,some people,is not if you really want to forget,we will certainly

帮忙翻译一下下面一段英文(在线等,谢谢!)Mary: How are you doing these days? Summer is coming, how do you feel? Long time no see, you have been

请帮忙翻译段话为英文,在线等,谢谢!回答:Today can order placement will give us? If you can't, before the time of delivery will confirm that cannot be

在线等,请帮忙翻译以下两句话为英文,谢谢!We will strictly implement the quality assessment standards executed last week. We and our factory values every

请帮忙翻译一段简短英文,急,在线等。谢谢回答:No matter with many friends or just by myself to celebrate my birthday,even without a cake with candles,I will alwa | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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