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请将你的标志(Logo) ,用图片发给我.谢谢 Would you please send me your logo in the format of picture? Thanks. 注意,笔有2种,A种款和B款. Please notice that there are two types of pens, type A and type B. 请参考图片. Refer the pictur...

1 is really very sorry, if you after the search, did not the arrival of the goods, please apply for a refund. I will give you a refund 2, is really very sorry, because we never send EMS. There may be other fees costs. So the de...

This amount is very little for factory. They just need four days to finish it. If you fail to get the order, can you help deal with these inventory

Because this product is only import very small quantities, so our stock and transportation cost a little high than others

Only the fruit needs to be bought from the market by yourself. fruit当指水果的统称的时候一般是用作不可数名词,就是说后面的单词形式要用单数 He has been learning English for 6 years.

1) Please offer your E-mail,I send the catalog of the products to you. 2) I have sent the catalog of the products to your E-mail. Do you received? Please reply. 以上是书信格式.

Unfortunately, the username and account were incorrect. We hope you can send the correction letter to the bank as soon as possible, rectify the bank information into: 我对银行不怎么了解, 希望没翻译错。

I can roughly understand what you said for I've got enough time. I hope that one day we can communicate with each other in English . Professional Provided by Belle Fan Translation Co.,Ltd Belle Fan 对外翻译公司专业提供

Emma's grandfather go fishing illegally by the lake every morning at 3:00, which made Emma angry. she thinks that it is dangerous for her grandfather to have this hobby. to prevent her grandfather from going fishing, Emma repor...

According to the checking result from DHL, these samples will get to New York in the morning of next Monday or Tuesday if everythink is OK. Please let us have the detailed address and phone number of the recipient.

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