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参考答案如下: He goes to school on foot. 改为同义句: He (walks to) school. 助你愉快学习!

你确定是四个空? 因为最直接的问法就是be动词is前置 Is your sister a middle school teacher,Peter? 你妹妹是中学老师吗? 或者是 Is your sister a teacher in a middle school teacher,Peter?你妹妹是中学里的老师吗? 如果非要四个空,就...

How do you like this book?

The boy comes from the USA

你好,很高兴能够在这里回答你的问题: not anything ************************************************************************** ^__^真心祝你学习进步,如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问, 另外如果你觉得我的回答对你有所帮助,请千万...

A baseball and a computer on the desk are seen on the desk。

what/how about going

疑问句: 将句子中的be(现在式is are 过去式was were)动词、情态动词(can could would 等)提前。如果没有的。就添加助动词(现在式do does 过去式 did)。 复数单数形式: 将动词情态动词助动词(上面写了的哈) 改为相应的复数或单数形式就...

A. kinds of B. a kind of C. kind of D. a kind 6. Th ere’re three _____ in the office. A. polices B. policeman C. policemen D. policewoman 7. ____ the park you can see an old hotel. A. Cross from B. Across from C. Turn left D. N...

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