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Sally never goes to the market by bike 的 by bike 是方式状语。英语状语的位置相对而言比较灵活,只要把 by bike 调整到 goes 后面,就可以变成 Sally never (goes by bike to) the market。 go by bike 的同义词是 ride a/the bike,用后者...

just now 刚刚

参考答案如下: He goes to school on foot. 改为同义句: He (walks to) school. 助你愉快学习!

This is my computer game,and hers is under the bed.

Miss Li returned the watch to me last night.【give back=return,return不与back连用】 All of them are from the USA. I like playing ball games like football and basketball。【这里的like是比如,像的意思,一般就是举例子的时候会用到】

20.yours from 22.because 23.What's price of

The boy comes from the USA

答案:【 interested in】 【很荣幸能帮你解答这道题】 【为了你宝贵的学习时间,我们将以最简略的方式为你解答】 【不懂追问,帮到你的话望及时选为满意答案,谢谢O(∩_∩)O~】

1.He wants to play rugby. = He would like to play rugby 2.He got angry when he saw the broken window. We was angry to see the broken window. 3.Tim went after his mother to the supermarket.= Tim followed his mother to the superm...

What is the weather like today?

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