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"努力做某事" 用英语说,就是:try to do something .

努力做某事 [nǔ lì zuò mǒu shì] 基本翻译 take pains to do sth strive to do sth make efforts to do sth work hard at 网络释义 努力做某事:strive to do sth | make efforts to do sth

努力做某事.对应的英语:Try hard/one's best to do sth.例如:He tried his best to finish the job.

hard to do

Try to do sth.重点词汇释义 尽力 do all one can; do sth. to the best of one's ability; try one's best; do one's utmost; do one's endeavor 某事 something

Try to do sth. 这里的try指努力,to do 指去做,sth指某事 Try one's best to do sth.指尽某人的最大努力去做某事,满意请采纳

take the time to do sth 尽某人最大的努力做某事.do one's best to do sth.

努力做某事try to do sth.努力做某事try to do sth.

try doing one's best to do sthtry doing sth.尝试做某事do one's best to do sth 努力做某事两者合并try doing one's best to do sth

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