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如果是问"一般你周末干什么"那么应该说“what do you usually do on weekends?" 如果是问"你上周周末干什么"那么应该说"what did you do last weekend?" 如果是问"你这周周末准备干什么"那么应该说"what are you going to do this weekend?" 应该就这些,其实句子很简单的,变化的只是时态而已.希望我的回答对你有所帮助^ ^

What do you do on the weekend

Last week, on Saturday morning, I cleaned my room, it was very dirty, but now is very clean, so because of this I feel happy. In the afternoon, I went to the library, I read a book about Chinese history. We want to learn, make persistent efforts. On

what do you do at the weekend (Kaiser3344手写) I usually have a busy and happy weekend. On Saturday morning, i do my homework and help my parents with the housework. In the afternoon, I often viist my granparents and go to the park near

On weekends, I usually help my parents do some housework, such as sweeping floor, washing and so on. Also, I like to listen to music, read some books and watch some dramas because doing these can make me relax and happy. Sometimes, I go

As we all know,we have much homework everyday,altough it is on Satuday.After getting up in the morning,I have to do my homework on Saturday.In the afternoon,I have piano lessons,and in the evening,I can watch TV.And cartoons are my favourite


The weekend is coming.On saturday morning,We're going to have a piano lessons.On sunday afternoon,we're going to play the piano lessons.and in the evening,we're going to do homework together.I thing I will have a happy weekend.周末的到来.在星期六的早上,我们要上钢琴课.星期日下午,我们今晚去上钢琴课,我们要一起做家庭作业.我想我会有一个愉快的周末.

在周末你都做些什么事情 what do you do on the weekend 在周末你都做些什么事情 what do you do on the weekend


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