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我很好奇你正在做什么.翻译为英文是: 1) I'm curious about what you're doing.2) I'm wondering what you're doing.3) I really want to know what you're doing.注:完全没有问题,希望帮助到您.请及时点击采纳.

what is it doing?

“你在干什么”的英文是:“What are you doing.” 【例句】1,What are you doing? How can you see? 你在干什么,你怎么能看得见?2,What are you doing now? 这会儿你在干什么?3,Nelson: Hey, hey, what are you doing? 尼尔森:嘿,嘿

Love in the rain That day, I was going out to buy a book, it was very hot outside, let me hard to breathe .after I paid for the books and was going back to my home, the day just like a changed face , it was raining cats and dogs. I was hurrying to find a

what the fucking thing are you doing?其实这句话真正的意思是你tm在干嘛.中文“你在干什么鬼”里面没有骂人的意思 楼主还是考虑一下what are you doing这个简单的句子吧

“你在干嘛”的英语是:what are you doing? 读音:[wt] [:(r)] [ju] [du]what,读音:英 [wt] 美 [hwt; hwt]释义:1. pron. 什么;多么;多少2. adj. 什么;多么;何等3. adv. 到什么程度,在哪一方面4. int. 什么;多么5. are,读音:

我在吃饭.你在做什么? i am eating.what are you doing?

What are you doing ? 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你

【正解】 你在干什么:what Are You Doing 刚到小十字路口,突听这位瑞典女士惊呼起来:“ WHAT ARE YOU DOING( 你在干什么)?” 记者一看,一长发披肩的小乞丐正抓住瑞典女士的手在叫喊:“MONEY,MONEY(钱,钱)!

你在做什么 What were you doing at about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon? 昨天下午四点左右你在做什么? -- 英汉 - 辞典例句 What are you about ? 你在做什么? -- 英汉 - 辞典例句 What were you doing from 9 to 11 this morning? 今天上午九点到

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