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你在干嘛 What are you doing 你在干嘛 What are you doing

what are your classmates doing?正在做, 用现在进行时翻译.

What are you doing now?

你在干嘛的英文:Whatareyoudoing doing的近义词:working working读法英['wk]美['wk]1、adj.工作的;操作的;可行的2、n.工作;活动;制作;操纵3、v.工作;影响;受雇用(work的ing形式) 短语:1、workingcondition工作

你正在做什么 What are you doing now?

today is saturday! i am going shopping with my friends! in the afternoon , i am watching english movies! in the evening ,we are eating dinner, then ,i am washing dishes! when i finish wash dishes! i am felling tired ! so ,i want to go to sleep! on


“你在干什么”的英文是:“What are you doing.” 【例句】1,What are you doing? How can you see? 你在干什么,你怎么能看得见?2,What are you doing now? 这会儿你在干什么?3,Nelson: Hey, hey, what are you doing? 尼尔森:嘿,嘿

你好!what are you doing我的回答你还满意吗~~

他正在干什么 what is he doing 他正在干什么 what is he doing

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