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you 可以 go,go,go!!!

You can leave now.

我不来,你不走,用英文 you won't leave until i came.i don't come, you won't go.

I am fine.You may go now.Goodbye!

你走了 you have gone. you are faded away

You can piss off nowpiss off是口语里最接近“滚”的翻译

I am the master here, you may go now, bitch! 或, I have a say here, get out , bitch!

们可以走了吗?May we go now;t talk with you?我不能和你说话?I can'

You can leave after finishing the job in hand. 固定词组:in hand 在手中, 在进行中

就是【你可以】麽?You can. 这是最简单的【你可以】 You can do it.You can make it.后两个是【你能行】【你能做到】的意思

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