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want to have lunch !想去吃午餐!

我们将要去吃午饭了的英文翻译 We're going to have lunch.[原文]我们将要去吃午饭了

I'm going to eat lunch.I'm going get some lunch.

It`s time to go for lunch希望采纳、、、、、

该吃午饭了it's time for lunch

我们将要吃午餐.We will have lunch.或We are going to have lunch.

Do you have lunch?

该吃午饭了 英语 It's time for us to have lunch. 或者 It's time for lunch.

两种说法: 1、It's time to have lunch. 2、It's time for lunch.

午饭lunch; midday meal你一定要来和我们一起吃午饭.You must come to lunch with us2我们在一个小角落找了个位子,吃了点午饭.We found a seat in a little nook, and had some lunch.

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