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你和Tom呢? 翻译成英语

你认为你与TOM不同吗?Do you thing you are different from Tom?我比Mary更滑稽I am funnier than Mary.你比Mike更严肃You are more serious than Mike.

Are you Tom? 如果是电话用语,应该是:Is that Tom?


Can you let Tom to call me back?

be with sb? 如:you are with who? 你和谁一起?

Can you and Tom play chess?

你是TOM吗?是的,我是Are you Tom?Yes,I am.他们是Mr.LEE和Mrs,LEE They are Mr.Lee and Mrs.Lee.他们是Sally吗?不,她不是.Are they Sally?No,she isn,t.我们不是TOM和SAM We are not Tom and Sam.

My English name is Tom .My chinese name is Tang Mu. You can call me as you like.

where are Tom and you come from

我叫汤姆,我是英语老师 my name is tom. i am an english teacher.

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