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中文:你好吗?英语:How are you?

你好吗 how are you doing how do you do how are you

你好,你好吗有几种表达方式:1、how are you 这个比较常用2、How do you do? 如果你需要用不同的表达专形式的话属,会出现这个3、Are you ok?等衍生形式,如果你要学交际口语的话这几种基本问法都应该要掌握 希望可以帮到你

你好吗_百度翻译你好吗 [词典] How do you do?; [例句]“你好吗?”“好,看见你更好了.”'How are you?' 'All the better for seeing you. '进行更多翻译

你好: [ nǐ hǎo ] 1. hello 2. how are you 其它相关解释: <ye> <chin-chin> <How do you do.> <Hi, there.> <nihao> 例句与用法: 1. “你好”是一个习惯问候语. "How are you?" is a conventional greeting. 2. 你好,真巧啊! Hello there, what

nice to meet you!第一次见面说 How are you.熟了就这么说

How are you?都可以用 How do you do?用于熟人

how are you

How are you

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