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杯子的英文:cup 读音:英 [kʌp] 美 [kʌp] n. 杯子;一杯之量;奖杯;罩杯 vt. 使成杯形;把某物放入杯中 cup直接源自古英语的cuppe;最初源自拉丁语的cupa,意为杯、桶、盆。 常见句型 1、The cup hit the wall and broke on impact....

Can / Could I have a cup / glass, please?

你好! 一杯子,一辈子 A cup, a lifetime

These cups are ours. 翻译

这杯子很好看 This cup is very good-looking

您好: 水杯: cup ,glass, 都可以的。 望采纳,祝开心!

“打翻杯子”---- 可用"upset the cup" 或 "knock over"来表达。 例如: 他把杯子打翻了,咖啡流了一地。 He upset the cup and the coffee went all over the floor. 他打翻了一瓶墨水把桌布弄脏了。 He knocked over a bottle of ink and ruined...

Is that a cup?

That is my cup. 或That's my cup.

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